A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The LabLabLab Trilogy

As the evil witch of the fairytale, use your most cunning speak to persuade snow white to eat the poisoned apple.

As the prophet of an new religion of your invention, manage to convince a farmer to join your ranks. Try to be as enticing as possible !

As a government worker, on the aftermath of Hamlet, the play, try to figure out what the hell happened and why everyone is dead.

Play the browser version here: http://lablablab.net/LabLabLabV1/

This is a collection of 3 chatbot games that have been made by LabLabLab, under the direction of Jonathan Lessard at Concordia University, between 2013 and 2016.

LabLabLab's goal is to explore the use of Natural Language processing and text based interface in the design of dynamic conversations and dialogues in games.

Install instructions

You will require an internet connection to run the game. This is because the chatbot software is on a remote server.

Thank you !


lablablab_volume1_Mac.zip 30 MB
Lablablab_volume1_Linux.zip 29 MB
lablablab_Volume1_Win.zip 28 MB


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I couldn't seem to connect to the chatbot even though I set my firewall to allow it. Maybe the server is down?